Maybe I’m biased being Katia’s husband? Regardless, Katia is the most genuine, kindest and most talented person I’ve ever met. She is without a doubt, one in a billion!

Katia is an outstanding instructor. San Diego dancers hit the jackpot with her. I would selfishly ask that she come back to Florida but I know she loves San Diego. I guess I’ll just have to plan to visit San Diego!

The best dance instructor and one of sweetest persons I’ve ever met. Thank you Katia for all you do!

I will forever be in debt to Katia. I was new to her group class and she partnered me with one of her students, Antonio. She made the class environment so incredibly fun that I looked forward to her class every week. Antonio and I eventually started private lessons together for tango and salsa with Katia. We danced all the way down the aisle and Katia was my maid of honor! Thank you Katia for everything!

I’ve been dancing for more years than I want to admit. I started taking lessons with Katia and she improved so many things I was doing wrong in just the first class that I was shocked. I couldn’t help but wonder why none of my past teachers caught all these issues after years of taking lessons from them. But fast forward to now and I no longer make these mistakes anymore and have been getting lots of compliments. Thank you Katia!

If you are fortunate to know Katia, then you know how lucky her students are to have such a spectacular teacher. If you haven’t met her yet, you are missing out!

I met Katia when she was teaching at a local studio in San Diego about 5 years ago. I started taking lessons from her and it was clear she is just at another level. And Katia’s upbeat & positive attitude is like a breath of fresh air. I always look forward to my lessons whenever I can schedule them and I am very thankful to have such a terrific teacher here that I consider a dear friend as well.

Katia is the best instructor I’ve ever had. She is an encyclopedia of information and talented beyond belief. I’ve had so many instructors that just keep saying “Try it again” when I don’t get something. Well, if I didn’t understand it the first few times, doing over and over without explaining what I need to do different isn’t going to work and is just frustrating!  Katia is so detailed oriented that she can almost immediately figure out what is wrong and explains how to correct it. A simply fabulous instructor and a very sweet and kind soul 🙂

Katia is a true Gem. I visit San Diego every few months and take as many lessons with her as I can while I’m there. She has improved my dancing by leaps and bounds and my confidence on the dance floor has improved a lot. As a leader I always thought a male teacher would probably be what I needed. But after having many male teachers and not making much progress, I am thrilled that I started working with Katia and keep improving every time I visit.

Katia is an amazing instructor and an incredibly kind and supportive person. I have danced many styles of dance before but Tango was new to me. It’s such a beautiful dance but very difficult to master. Katia helped me understand how Tango is based on natural body mechanics and that helped me learn and improve very quickly. Thank you so much Katia!